About Volunteer Eco Students Abroad


VESA was established in 2009 with a vision to promote Direct Action support in communities and regions where traditional charities and aid do not operate. VESA has worked within the same communities since inception – using short term projects like house building or school refurbishments along with conservation projects to work toward achieving a long term sustainable solution to the social and environmental issues that these communities face.

South Africa project team photo

Bringing together working groups of young people and local villagers, we empower you to undertake hands on work for the benefit of these communities, delivering valuable and sustainable infrastructure in the areas of education, sanitation and water supply.

Our aim is to inspire personal growth within you, our volunteer; to harness your work ethic, positive attitude and proactive approach to deliver a completed project when faced with an unfamiliar and testing environment. The outcome will have a profound effect on your outlook of the world as you forge new friendships and acquire unique skills and perspective with regards to the wider world.

Integrity and respect for our volunteers and the communities in which we work is always uppermost in our minds and we actively seek both volunteers and communities whom are looking to help or to be helped.

Each and every volunteer will have a program tailored to suit their individual skills and experience. This enables every volunteer to contribute their full potential to the communities in need.

…and Adventure

Adventurous activities are an integral part of the VESA experience as we believe that immersion in the local culture and surrounding environment will enable you to do and learn things you never thought possible.

We endeavour at all time to provide a safe and secure environment for our volunteers. The directors of VESA have personally completed every program to ensure that all reasonable standards of health and safety can be met.


As an organization we strive to be environmentally conscious and to enhance the awareness of the natural environment through the use of eco-friendly materials and reducing our carbon footprint wherever possible. We employ local people to assist in our programs and stimulate the economy through purchasing indigenous materials locally and utilising local tour operators during our unique eco-tours.